Sales and Marketing: Are you making it easy for fans to sell your product or service?

Affiliate, partner, and reseller channels can do wonders for your business.  Unfortunately, making your product or service easy to sell can be a huge challenge.  Typically, unless the CEO understands how it works, you won’t get the resources needed to execute.

The companies below represent a list of examples.  If you know of others, shoot me an email and I’ll update this list.
  1. Google – Ever wonder how they can offer all those cool services for free?  In addition to their search advertising, Google makes lots of money by letting other companies put Google’s advertisers on their web pages.  From bloggers to social networks, companies are monetizing their traffic by letting Google do the heavy lifting.  The product is called Google Adsense and it’s one of the best example out there.
  2. Amazon – Okay, so this one is easy.  Amazon has basically reinvented online sales.  First, they allow companies to sell books through their site.  Yes, they allow used books to be sold right next to Amazon’s own new selection.  This has made Amazon the go-to site for book sellers and their customers.  Win win for Amazon and their competition.  Can you make money selling your competition’s products through you?  If not, then you had better hope one of your competitors isn’t bitten by the Amazon bug.
  3. Freshbooks – Quickbooks watch out.  The market is large and they now have an affiliate program.
  4. Shopify – E-commerce affiliate program.
  5. 37 Signals – A handful of good products and they now have an affiliate program.
  6. Upsellit – Ever wish you could offer customers an incentive to buy the items in their shopping cart before they click away?  Now you can.  Upsellit released their affiliate program to ramp up revenue without having to ramp up their sales team.
  7. MailBuild – This is a product sold to consultants to resell to clients.  It’s equipped with everything from advice on how to sell email marketing to best practices in template design.  It’s a very solid program.
There are hundreds more.  Do some research and testing to find out what will work for your product or service

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