Marketing: Don’t stop promoting your business, failure is waiting

Look, over 500,000 businesses failed during the last recession. The ones that went first were the ostriches that wouldn’t cut costs. After these bloated companies fell, where do you think their customers went? You guessed it. Some competitor won these customers over with a compelling product or service.

What’s next?
Find a cost-effective channel that works and start promoting the hell out of your products and services. When your competitors fail, their customers are going to call the next company they think about. That company had better be you.

The pitch is CRITICAL – “We help our customers _________”
Put yourself in your customer’ shoes. Survey some of them and find out why they still plan to buy from you. Turn that into your pitch.

Bake in a sense of urgency
Offer a promotion that gives people a reason to buy from you soon. Your cash-flow is critical. Don’t waste time on simply promoting your name. Get your customers to buy soon, no excuses.

Which channel?
It depends on your size and product mix. Here are a few for you to consider. Some of these are going to be standard for your business but don’t forget to take a fresh look at each channel.

  1. Phone calls
  2. Direct mail
  3. Email
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Reseller/Partner
  6. Door to door
  7. Print Advertising

Need marketing help?
I’ve been doing some limited consulting for non-profits in the Seattle area. If you’d like to chat more, simply shoot me an email and I’ll help you in any way that I can.


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