In the Know: B-corporations

We all know that in the Thunderdome battle of business vs. non-profit, business wins. There is only one problem, the battles in which non-profits fights are not those that interest many business people!

It makes sense. As we become skilled, we build momentum in our industry or with our role. The momentum energises us. We make more money, get promotions, and the process continues. It is a big piece of the American dream as my generation sees it today.

The question is whether or not an organization will ever make it easy for us professionals to leverage our skills and get involved in the simple social issues that could easily be tackled with the talent stored in the ever-so-talented corporate America. Whew, that is a lot of sentence so I’ll break it down.

Will a company step into the fray and make it easy for professionals to volunteer? Specifically, will an organisation ever be able to make it SUPER EASY for talented professionals to step up and get involved?

Well, for you doubters out there, several interesting ventures are pushing the ball forward in some interesting ways. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out today.

B-Corporation []

GOOD Magazine []


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