Leadership: Insight on leadership from Harvard Business Publishing

I came across this video from Harvard Business Publishing. I am fascinated by leadership because I see it as the cornerstone of effective business innovation and overall business success. Watch the video and keep track of the key points. If you are interested in leading anything more than your community barbecue, you’ll become an expert on leadership.


Leadership: Promoting Organizational Change

I’ve seen it time and time again. Change can be a difficult thing to approach. First, people get comfortable with processes and can see altering them as an affront on their values. If you are at a company with processes that may need to change step carefully. People can take things personal.

Be careful but candid. Avoid implying that the old way is worthless or has no value. Instead, frame any suggestions as additions to the current system or approach. Remember, smart people probably came up with the current system. Attempt to understand the underlying value in it and clearly communicate how this value is strengthened in the new approach.

Change takes time and you have to earn the credibility needed to alter course. Don’t give up, instead make reference to your desire to help, keep things positive, share stories and slowly lead the changes that must take place.